The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2022

Prosperity beyond profit

The United Nations defines a 'prosperous' city as “one that is productive, provides adequate infrastructure, has a good quality of life, offers equity and social inclusion, and is practicing environmental sustainability”.

The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2022 examines prosperity through the lens of three pillars: Planet, People, and Profit.

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About the report

Just one of these pillars alone does not make a city sustainable nor does it make it prosperous. A city should approach their need for building net-zero infrastructure and transport, reducing air pollution as much as they do in being profitable. Ultimately a city cannot guarantee successful outcomes for the people in their city, but they can provide a platform and environment to foster good standards of living, reducing climate impact and enable citizens to prosper.

Report Highlights

Prosperity is no longer based on just economic or financial measures. It is a combination of all three pillars of Planet, People, and Profit that need to be considered before a city can unlock its prosperity potential.
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