Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Blueprint

A data and analysis blueprint for infrastructure planners

The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Blueprint is an analysis of the key drivers in the decision-making for building a robust electric vehicle network in a neighborhood, city, and country. The report’s purpose is to help answer two key questions at the end:
  • How many charge points do I need?
  • Where should these charge points be installed?

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About the report

Countries across the globe are at differing levels of maturity when it comes to charging infrastructure and there is a significant opportunity for new adopters of technology to learn valuable lessons for electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) network planning from more mature markets which already have well established public and private charging networks.

Planning the provision of any type of core infrastructure relies on having good information regarding the anticipated future demand for services and understanding any constraints that may limit the provision of infrastructure in any given location. This blueprint is intended to help countries around the world increase knowledge on data sharing as we all work together to accelerate mobility decarbonization!

Report Highlights

The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Blueprint is a practical guide to assist in the decision-making process by providing a starter toolkit for elements to consider. The process of choosing charging locations is complex and considerations need to be made through an analysis of current and predictive future data.
Download the report to discover more insights.